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Total Hockey, a renowned sports shop in Banbridge, is making a substantial investment to double its warehouse capacity following a remarkable surge in online sales. With the acquisition of Gilmour Sports in 2017, the company witnessed a threefold increase in internet transactions, leading to an unprecedented demand for field hockey equipment in both local and international markets.

This family-owned business has truly stood the test of time. From humble beginnings originally named McMurray & Co, the business sold everything from buttons to tablecloths, and even men’s suits to ladies’ fashion.

Opened in Banbridge in 1920, the three-story building with is iconic white awning managed to withstand fires, robberies, and even civil wars. However, it was the rebuilding of the Bank of Ireland next door that unfortunately led to the collapse of the beautiful structure in 1997.

Expanding Operations and Online Success:

In the face of adversity, McMurray & Co rose from the ashes and gave birth to a wild idea: Total-Hockey. It all started with a simple goal from Steven McMurray himself, who said, “If I can sell one stick a day, I will be happy.” Little did he know that this idea would become a roaring success.

Total Hockey, founded over two decades ago has established a strong presence in the sports retail sector. With retail stores in Banbridge, Belfast, Dublin, and Brentford, the company has expanded its reach beyond borders by exporting to Europe, North America, Latin America, and Australia. However, it was the integration of Gilmour Sports’ digital platforms that marked a significant turning point for Total Hockey. Steven McMurray highlights that online sales volumes skyrocketed after the acquisition, making e-commerce the primary sales channel and the key driver of growth for the company.

Fast forward to 2020, and McMurray & Co celebrated a remarkable milestone – 100 years of business! This incredible achievement wouldn’t have been possible without the unwavering support of all the customers who have shopped at McMurray & Co or Total-Hockey.

Doubling Warehouse Capacity for Efficiency:

To meet the increasing demand and manage stock orders effectively, Total Hockey has decided to invest in doubling its warehouse footprint – the largest capital investment in the company’s history. The current space in Banbridge was unable to handle the volume of orders being fulfilled, necessitating this expansion. With the additional space, the company aims to enhance its operational efficiency by streamlining the flow of goods in and out of the business. This strategic move will enable Total Hockey to meet customer expectations and maintain its position as a leading provider of high-quality sports equipment.

Support from Ulster Bank:

Ulster Bank’s Derick Wilson (centre) with Alan McMurray (left) and Steven McMurray (right) of Total Hockey.

Total Hockey’s ambitious expansion plans have been made possible with the support of Ulster Bank. As a long-standing partner to the McMurray family, Ulster Bank recognises their entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to adapting to market dynamics.

Derick Wilson, the business development manager at Ulster Bank, expresses pride in being associated with a family enterprise that has continuously identified new opportunities and contributed to the local business community for over a century.

Total Hockey’s investment in expanding its warehouse capacity reflects its dedication to meeting the evolving needs of customers in the digital age. By leveraging the power of e-commerce and integrating acquired platforms, the company has experienced exponential growth in online sales. With an expanded footprint, Total Hockey is well-positioned to efficiently manage stock orders and cater to the increasing demand for field hockey equipment.


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