June 19, 2024 by Rikki Thompson
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After a hiatus of six years, the renowned restaurant at the Palace Stables Armagh is gearing up to welcome patrons once more.

Following much anticipation, Daniel Gallagher, the proprietor of Dante’s Pizza Restaurant on Upper English Street, steps in to breathe new life into this iconic venue formerly know as The Moody Boar.

Dante’s Deli at the Palace shall unfurl its doors, ushering in a new chapter steeped in the echoes of yore on Wednesday 19th June. With a grandeur reminiscent of bygone eras, the hallowed forecourt of the Palace Stables shall resonate with the clinking of goblets and the murmurs of patrons, as they partake in a feast fit for nobles of old.

Daniel, along with his wife Carina, are ecstatic to unveil their latest culinary venture at the Palace Demesne locale. The gastronomic journey promises to tantalise the taste buds and reignite the essence of this beloved spot.

Dantes Deli at the Palace

What’s on the Menu?

Differing from its City Centre counterpart, Daniel’s new venture will offer a diverse menu spanning breakfast, lunch, and lite bites. On bright summer days, visitors can treat themselves to delightful Galeto ice cream as they enjoy leisurely walks through the scenic Palace Demesne.

The lunch menu is a culinary delight, featuring a variety of options such as soup and sandwiches, wraps, toasties, fresh salads, flatbreads, and daily specials. All ingredients are locally sourced, ensuring a fresh and flavourful dining experience.

With a seating capacity of 24 indoors and an additional 20 seats in the charming Stables Courtyard, Dante’s Deli at the Palace offers a cosy yet inviting ambiance for guests to enjoy their meals. The restaurant’s setting within the Palace Stables, located at the heart of the Palace Demesne Public Park, adds to its allure.Dantes Deli at the Palace

Speaking to UrbanABC, Daniel said; “the team and myself are excited to bring a taste of culinary innovation to Armagh’s historic setting with the opening of Dante’s Deli at the Palace. We are looking forward to welcoming guests to savour our locally sourced delights in this unique dining experience”. 

Blending the rich historical tapestry of Armagh’s Palace Demesne with a modern culinary experience, the new restaurant will pay homage to the site’s legacy. It will also welcome guests to forge new memories within these storied walls.

The Historical rounds

The Palace Demesne Public Park, spanning 300 acres just south of the city centre, holds historical significance as the former primary residence of the Church of Ireland Archbishops of Armagh for over two centuries, from 1770 to 1975. Today, the Palace Stables within this majestic estate attract a diverse range of visitors daily, from school children engaged in educational programs to local dog walkers and tourists exploring the beauty of the surroundings.

Dante’s Deli at the Palace promises to be a culinary haven, combining delectable offerings with a serene setting steeped in history.

Dantes Deli at the Palace

A Visionary Collaboration

In a visionary move to enrich the cultural landscape of Armagh, Daniel has embarked on a collaborative journey with local artists to establish a captivating gallery space within Dante’s Deli at the Palace. This innovative initiative aims to showcase the diverse talents of the region’s artistic community while offering guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in a world of creativity.

Beyond serving as a platform for local artists to exhibit their work, the gallery at Dante’s Deli at the Palace will also provide a space for art enthusiasts to acquire pieces that resonate with them on a personal level. Whether seeking a statement piece for their home or a meaningful gift for a loved one, guests will have the opportunity to purchase these artistic treasures and support the flourishing creative community of Armagh.

As guests step into this historic setting, they are greeted by a blend of old-world charm and modern sophistication, creating a unique atmosphere for dining and relaxation.

The fusion of past and present at Dante’s Deli at the Palace encapsulates the essence of Armagh’s cultural heritage. Every dish served within these hallowed walls is a celebration of local flavours and traditions, inviting visitors to partake in a culinary journey that honors the site’s historical importance.


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