June 2, 2024 by Rikki Thompson
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Infrastructure Minister John O’Dowd has expressed his approval for the introduction of 100 new battery electric buses as part of a £64 million investment by the Department. These zero-emission buses, including 79 Double Deck and 21 single deck vehicles, will soon become part of the Translink fleet in various Northern Ireland locations, such as Portadown.

The substantial £64 million investment by the Department in the Translink fleet aims to ensure that bus travel remains a contemporary, appealing, and environmentally friendly choice for passengers. This plan aims to inspire more people to switch from using private cars to sustainable transportation methods.

The plan for transport decarbonisation revolves around three key policy drivers: cutting down on the need and length of trips, encouraging a move towards active travel and public transport, and shifting to low-emission fuel sources. By emphasizing decarbonisation, Northern Ireland is paving the way for a smooth transition to a net-zero future while simultaneously bolstering the local economy through the creation of numerous green, skilled jobs.

Minister’s Statement

During a visit to Wrightbus to witness the launch of these eco-friendly buses, Minister John O’Dowd stated,

“I am very pleased to be here today to see at first hand the work being taken forward to tackle decarbonisation of our public transport network through the technologies being developed by Wrightbus.

“I am committed to delivering a modal shift change in the way we all travel by prioritising public transport and with active travel across the north. These new buses, which are fully accessible, will play a vital role in helping achieve the emission reduction targets set out in the NI Climate Change Act and Clean Air Strategy goals.

“The investment of £64million by my Department in the Translink fleet ensures that bus journeys continue to offer customers a modern, attractive, cleaner transport option in order to encourage more people to shift away from private motoring and travel more sustainably.

“Our approach to transport decarbonisation is based on three high level policy levers, focused on: reducing the need for and length of journeys, a modal shift to active travel and public transport and switching fuels to low emission alternatives.

“Prioritising decarbonisation helps makes way for a just transition to net zero while also supporting hundreds of green, high-skilled jobs here in the north which is also helping to deliver economic prosperity.”


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