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Born and raised in Lurgan, Aine French attended Lismore Comprehensive College in Craigavon. Not afraid to admit that during her school days, she didn’t have a fixed plan for her future, the Lurgan woman started her working life in the Civil Service. However, her true passion and focus were always on her sport, Camogie. Aine’s determination and persistence became defining traits of her personality, and she later discovered how integral they were to her success.

Aine’s hard work and dedication to sport paid off when she achieved her dreams of becoming an All-Ireland Champion not once, but twice! In both 1993 and 1994, she proudly claimed the title, showcasing her exceptional skills and unwavering commitment to her sport.

Professional Pathway

However, Aine’s professional career path was shaped by circumstances rather than choice. After leaving the civil service in the early 1990’s, she stumbled upon a franchise opportunity that led her to open three shops in Lurgan, Newry, and Derry. Running her own business brought her immense joy, but as four young children entered her life, Aine made the difficult decision to become a stay-at-home mom.

Life took an unexpected turn when Aine found herself a single mom 14 years ago, facing the need for a full-time income and the stress of potentially losing her cherished home. However, her confidence had taken a hit after being out of the workforce for many years, and starting a new business seemed out of reach while battling severe anxiety.

Fortunately, a golden opportunity presented itself. Aine discovered a chance to be her own boss, working under the umbrella of a global company with over 46 years of experience. This opportunity allowed her to work from home, be present for her children, and regain her financial stability. Aine treated it like a business, and within just 15 weeks, she reached the manager level and achieved a full-time income.

Fast forward nine years, and Aine is now the Top Recruiter in Ireland, a distinguished member of the VIP community, and has been fortunate enough to travel to incredible destinations like Mexico, Arizona, Greece, Stockholm, London, and Cannes, all expenses paid.  Today, Aine has channelled her passion for health and wellness into her role as the Manager at Forever Living Health and Wellness. She helps others achieve their own wellness goals, sharing her knowledge and expertise to make a positive impact in people’s lives.

Aine French Lurgan

Confronting Fear and Doubt:

Speaking to UrbanABC about her fear Aine recounts; “my most memorable moment took place at the Waterfront Hall in Belfast, where I had the opportunity to address a large audience as the MC for the company. However, this momentous occasion was not without its challenges. Two years prior, I had experienced a severe panic attack on stage, leaving me questioning my abilities and doubting my own potential”.

The encounter had shaken her to the core. Anxiety has often crippled Aine, making it tempting to retreat and avoid situations that evoke fear. However, in this instance, Aine found that her anxiety became a driving force, propelling her towards success and acceptance. Rather than allowing her fears to hold her back, she used them as motivation to prove to herself and others that she could rise above her limitations. This realisation marked a pivotal moment in Aine’s journey, as she began to embrace her anxiety as a catalyst for personal growth.

Starting of the Journey

Aine’s journey began with a shift in mindset. She learned to let go of the fear of judgment and started recruiting individuals from diverse backgrounds. From teachers to nurses, psychotherapists to beauticians, and even fellow Mums, Aine realised the power of embracing different perspectives and skills. By doing so, she not only built a strong and dynamic team but also created opportunities for individuals from all walks of life.

With her children now grown and pursuing their own paths, Aine decided it was the perfect time to pursue another passion: opening The Lemoncello Online Clothes Boutique. Her dream of owning a clothing shop has become a reality, allowing her to have fun and earn while inspiring others to have multiple income streams.

The Lemoncello Boutique is a charming pop-up shop that offers a curated selection of unique and stylish products. From trendy fashion pieces to delightful accessories, The Lemoncello Boutique is a must-visit shop located at 52 Market Street, Lurgan. The pop-up shop will open on Friday 31st May for one week.

Aine French’s inspiring story is a testament to the transformative power of determination and the ability to turn tough situations around.

From being a stay-at-home Mum to becoming a thriving businesswoman, Aine has proven that with the right opportunity and unwavering perseverance, you can create a life filled with success and fulfilment.

Aine’s personal growth was intertwined with her professional success. She recognised the importance of self-belief and refused to let anxiety hold her back. Through determination and courage, she overcame her fears and took charge of her future.

Speaking of her success Aine is clear on one element; “The one piece of advice I’d give anyone is to stop over thinking and believe in yourself. Mostly to not let others opinions decide your future. No matter what your circumstances you have the power to change that if you have the courage to try”

Dreams of the Future:

As Aine continues to grow and evolve, she nurtures a new dream: opening a fixed shop in the future. This dream represents not only a physical space for her business but also a place where her daughters can join her and continue the legacy of passion and fun. Aine’s vision embodies the power of collaboration, family, and the joy that comes from pursuing dreams together.

Outside of work, Aine finds solace in the company of her four children and Mum. Whether it’s grabbing a cosy cup of coffee or going for leisurely strolls with their family doodle, these moments become cherished memories. The simple act of being present with loved ones allows time to unwind and appreciate the beauty of life’s small pleasures.

“I simply can’t beat a wee Spa Day or night away with my kids and friends, it really gives me time to rejuvenate and provide a much-needed break from the daily routine. Also in the last year, I have got involved with an amazing group called Solo Mums which was founded by Fiona Mitchell from Trinity Gift Shop in the town. The group has brought some of the loveliest people into my life, offering support, understanding, and a sense of belonging. Through sharing experiences and genuine friendship, I have found strength and inspiration in the company of like-minded group of women”.

The journey of embracing self-belief and finding joy in life is a testament to the power of resilience and determination. By breaking free from the shackles of overthinking and not letting others’ opinions define their future, Aine has discovered the true essence of happiness. Through cherished moments with loved ones, indulging in self-care, and being part of a supportive community, Aine has unlocked a life filled with purpose and fulfilment.

Follow The Lemoncello Boutique on Instagram here. If you miss this opportunity to shop at the store, personal appointments are available on request. Just call Aine on 07495993620.


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