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With a passion for economics and a strong foundation in financial planning, Portadown businessman Ciaran Preshur has carved a successful career path in the banking and finance sector.

Ciaran’s journey towards becoming a Chartered Wealth Manager began at St. Patrick’s Grammar School in Armagh. It was here that he discovered his love for economics, thanks to the exceptional teaching of Gerard Cullen. Ciaran recalls how Gerard’s unique ability to connect theories with real-world examples ignited his interest and emphsasised the practical importance of economics.

Continuing his educational pursuits, Ciaran went on to Degree in Economics from Ulster University. Driven by a thirst for knowledge, Ciaran pursued additional professional exams, culminating in a Masters in Wealth Management from the esteemed Chartered Institute of Savings & Investment. Furthermore, Ciaran achieved an Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning from the prestigious London Institute of Banking & Finance. These qualifications solidified his expertise and equipped him with the necessary skills to excel in the financial industry.

From a young age, Ciaran knew that he wanted to work in the banking and finance sector. Although he didn’t have a specific career path in mind, his fascination with the industry fuelled his determination to make a difference. Armed with his education and unwavering passion, Ciaran set out to transform the financial futures of individuals and businesses in Portadown.

Nowadays, Ciaran Preshur is the driving force behind Ciaran Preshur Wealth Management, a well-regarded firm committed to delivering comprehensive wealth management solutions. Leveraging his expertise in financial planning, investment strategies, and risk management, Ciaran navigates his clients through the intricate realm of finance. His ultimate objective? Ensuring his clients’ financial goals are achieved and their futures are safeguarded.

Ciaran Preshur Wealth Management Portadown

What inspired you to pursue your current career path?

“It was a combination of an inspirational teacher and the old Eddie Murphy movie Trading Places! Nothing else really excited me other than the world of Finance”.

How has your career evolved over time, and what lessons have you learned along the way?

“My career started as a trainee with the most prestigious stockbroking firm in Belfast – Cunningham Coates. I was very fortunate to be mentored by David Smith. He impressed on me the importance of client relationships. As my journey progressed, I transitioned from Investment Management to encompass Financial Planning. This allowed me to provide a more comprehensive range of services to clients, including Protection Planning, Estate Planning, and Retirement Planning, rather than solely focusing on investments”.

Among the many moments that have left an indelible mark on Ciaran’s career, one stands out as both memorable and challenging. It was the pivotal decision to venture into self-employment, leaving behind the security of an employed role. Taking a leap of faith, Ciaran bid farewell to clients he worked with for a decade, embarking on a new business journey. Recounting the challenges at that time Ciaran says,

“This involved walking away from the clients I had been working with for ten years and starting from scratch to build a business. As all business owners will know, the first few years are crucial, difficult and throw up all sorts of unforeseen hurdles. Thankfully, I have been in business for seven years now and am very grateful to all those clients who put their faith in me”.

Throughout his career, Ciaran has gleaned invaluable lessons that have shaped his professional growth. First and foremost, the importance of nurturing client relationships cannot be overstated. Building trust and understanding their unique needs has been the cornerstone of the Portadown businessman’s success. By embracing change and expanding his skills, he adapts to the evolving financial industry.

Outside of work, what are you hobbies and past times?

“My main hobby is playing at Loughgall Golf Club, this provides a fantastic outlet away from the business to socialise with friends and get some much-needed exercise. The remainder of my free time is spent with the family, either as a taxi driver or watching them take part in multiple sports. I also have voluntary roles in Portadown Chamber of Commerce and Portadown Credit Union”.

Reflecting on his career to date Ciaran says, “as I look back on the evolution of my career, I am grateful for the opportunities, lessons, and growth that have come my way. From the early days as a trainee to establishing my own business, each step has contributed to my development as a professional. I am excited to continue this journey, serving my clients with unwavering dedication and a commitment to their financial well-being”.

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