May 5, 2023 by Diane Lynn
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Barrel and Bean is A Rural Delight in An Urban Centre

Lunch at Barrel and Bean

If you are looking for a rural delight in an urban centre, then look no further than Barrel and Bean in Dromore, County Down. Barrel and Bean was established in 2018, with the aim of providing a cafe culture for the rural area of Dromore. They offer an extensive breakfast menu, homemade scones, specialty coffee, sandwiches, burgers, and small plates, making it the perfect spot for a date night or a casual dinner with friends. So if you are looking for a cafe that serves high-quality coffee, delicious food, and cocktails, then look no further!

What makes Barrel and Bean stand out is their dedication to using locally sourced ingredients, including eggs, meat and sausages from local farms and butchers. This not only supports the local community but also ensures that the food is fresh and of the highest quality.

A Community Hub

But Barrel and Bean is more than just a cafe; it’s a community hub. The cafe is family-friendly, with a menu that caters to both children and adults. It’s not uncommon to see families enjoying a meal alongside a group of friends or a couple on a date. The cafe also hosts local church and community groups, providing a warm and welcoming space for them  to gather.

Cookies and traybakes at Barrel and Bean

Discover More in Dromore

Barrel and Bean is  a great dine-in establishment from Dromore  appearing in the UrbanABC Foodie Favourites Campaign, which highlights 25 dine-in establishments in the UrbanABC centres of Armagh City, Banbridge, Craigavon, Dromore, Lurgan, and Portadown. Come and experience the variety of eateries in Dromore, with several other gems just  waiting to be discovered.

Being part of the Foodie Favourites Campaign has been a fantastic opportunity for Barrel and Bean. It has given the staff a sense of pride and excitement knowing that their hard work and dedication to quality food and drinks is being recognised. It’s also an opportunity to showcase their business to a wider audience, helping to attract new customers and support their growth.

If you’re looking for a cosy spot to enjoy a cup of coffee, a delicious meal, or a cocktail with friends, make sure to visit Barrel and Bean in Dromore. You won’t be disappointed. And while you’re there, take the time to explore the other hidden gems that Dromore has to offer.

Cocktails at Barrel and Bean in Dromore

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