Gink Design

4 Market Street, Portadown , Armagh, BT62 3JY


Antiques , Furnishings & Homeware , Paints & Decor , Furniture & Furnishings , Creative Industries



As an artist from Northern Ireland, Helena brings a unique blend of creativity and passion to her work. With a background in Art and Design, Helena from Gink Design in Portadown artistic journey took a back seat to parenthood for a while, but her love for painting beautiful landscapes and creating encaustic art pieces never wavered.

Helena’s commitment to sustainability is evident in her work as she refinishes vintage furniture, preventing it from ending up in landfills. She actively supports local businesses by sourcing materials from auctions, charity shops, and vintage stores. Helena’s dedication goes beyond her art; she teaches others how to refinish their own pieces in workshops, using craft as a form of therapy.

Recently reigniting her belief in her work, Helena has gained the confidence to share her art with the world. Her pieces not only reflect her talent but also carry a message of inclusivity and understanding.

Helena is a talented artist who not only creates beautiful art but also teaches people how to refinish their own pieces in workshops. She runs craft workshops as a form of therapy, using creativity as a way to promote well-being and reduce stress. Helena’s dedication to sharing her skills and passion for crafting is truly inspiring and impactful for those she teaches.

Global recognition

Recognised globally for her expertise, Helena has been invited to Australia to teach at an event. Helena actively represents companies in Italy and England, selling her original artwork transformed into decoupage papers worldwide.
Helena’s business ethos revolves around recycling and reducing furniture and home decor waste, even using recycled paint in her creations. Helena’s work not only inspires creativity but also promotes sustainability and community support.

Besides her artistry, Helena is a committed mother of four, with three amazing teenagers, all of whom have autism. Her commitment to raising awareness about autism and championing diversity is evident in her art, where she strives to highlight abilities rather than disabilities. Art serves as a powerful tool for communication and therapy for Helena and her children.

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