Aonach Mhacha

74-76 Sráid na nGall, Ard Mhacha, Armagh, BT61 7LG


Café & Coffee Shops , Social Enterprises


Armagh City

Located in the heart of Armagh City, Aonach Mhacha has breathed new life into the old fire station site. Since its opening in March 2020, it has become a thriving Irish language and cultural enterprise center. But it doesn’t stop there! Aonach Mhacha is committed to reinvesting all profits generated by its trading activities back into the community.

One of the key benefits of Aonach Mhacha is its role in revitalising the city center. By regenerating a derelict part of the area, it has not only beautified the surroundings but also created a cultural corridor between the Shambles and the ‘Cathedral Quarter’ or ‘Old Town.’ This development has made the area safer and more appealing to residents, visitors, and tourists alike.

And let’s not forget about the positive impact on the local economy. Activities have generated a ripple effect, benefiting various businesses in the Armagh area. Local restaurants and licensed venues are contracted to provide services during festivals, concerts, conferences, and other exciting activities hosted by Aonach Mhacha. This not only boosts the economy but also creates a vibrant atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.

Moreover, Aonach Mhacha serves as a magnet for educational, creative arts, recreational, and community development projects throughout the year. Its presence attracts a diverse range of initiatives that contribute to the cultural richness of the Armagh area. This continuous flow of projects ensures that there’s always something exciting happening at Aonach Mhacha, keeping the community engaged and inspired.

The centre is not just a cultural hub but a catalyst for positive change. Its reinvestment of profits and commitment to enhancing the Armagh area have transformed it into a vibrant and thriving community. So, whether you’re a local resident, a visitor, or a tourist, is definitely a must-visit destination to experience the rich heritage and cultural offerings of Armagh.


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