Patrick Feeney In Concert

14 Feb 2024 - 20:00 @ The Market Place Patrick Feeney In Concert



Feeney was born to sing!

Feeney was born to sing and from the tender age of four he wanted to be on
stage with his father who played in a local band. His phenomenal success,
especially over the past few years, is summed up in three words from the title
of Patrick’s first album, back in 2003 – that title says it’s all… Thanks to
You. Its 18 years since the then teenager released that debut album, and while
he has recorded countless songs since, he still lives by the motto that it’s
thanks to you, the fans, that he is such a success today. Patrick has legions
of fans across Ireland and is a regular guest on  TV and Radio. Patrick is known nationally for
his remarkable tenor voice. He has won many prestigious awards over the years
and is a
versatile performer. Why not join one of our finest for an unmissable night of
Country and Gospel.

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