Krazi Baker – Bread Baking Class

10 Sep 2023 - 13:00 @ Krazi Baker - (opening time 12:50) Krazi Baker - Bread Baking Class



There has never been a better time to go back to basics and revive the
skills of our parents and grandparents. Our breads are famous the world over
and with Krazi Baker you can keep those traditions alive.

doesn't love a nice bit of treacle soda, fresh off the hot plate, drenched in
butter with a good cup o tea? Mark, the Krazi Baker, recently won 1st, 2nd and
3rd in the World Bread Awards Potato Bread category; 1st for plain Potato
Bread, 2nd for Potato Apple and 3rd for Cheese and Chive.

will be able to choose which potato bread you want to bake in the traditional
Irish bread class so come along and learn how to bake the world’s best Potato
Bread. With the growing GMO'S in our food and toxins that are inorganic to the
body, it's more important to eat and shop local. It's better for your health,
your pocket and the local economy. With Krazi Baker, you'll not only be
investing your time, energy and money into skills you can reuse; but also,
using the best ingredients Northern Ireland has to offer. In the bread class we
will bake ,scones ,soda farls and potato bread of choice. Baking bread is my
greatest passion in life and it is my privilege to pass on these skills to
enthusiastic students.

you have any dietary or access requirements, please email:Lisa Finnegan; T:+44 (0) 3300561023 and these
will be accommodated as far as possible.

This event takes place on Sunday 10th September from 1.00pm – 4.00pm at the Krazi Baker premises.  Ticket price:  £50.00.

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